Health & Fitness for Busy People

At times, life passes us by quicker than we wish it did, so keeping healthy and in shape can be particularly quite difficult when you're busy. Here are our health and fitness tips to help you find time in your hectic schedule to keep up with your goals. 

On the go meals

Rule number one to staying healthy in a busy lifestyle is making sure your diet is getting all the right nutrients it needs. This is so you can carry on with running around your kids after school programs and jammed packed meetings, both of which require loads of energy.

Meal prepping is key here which will help you stick to a healthy diet and make sure you are taking in the nutrients your body needs, not what the chinese takeaway menu on the fridge says. Meal prepping also saves you money and does not require you to break the bank. If prepping dinner is too much hassle, try starting with snack preparations first such as a handful of nuts and seeds, cucumber slices or handmade apple crumble protein muffins.

Another great option is Vivo Life WHOLE: Plant Based Nutritional Shake, an all-in-one blend of plant based protein, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals. WHOLE is perfect for when you're short on time or on the go and need a wholesome blend of plant protein, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and herbs so you can stay nourished when time is short. WHOLE is excellent as a quick breakfast too!

It’s also important to learn some easy meals that you can whip up in minutes, because if you're too busy and tired from your working day schedule, the last thing you'll want to do is head home and cook a meal for over an hour. Making fast healthy meals is actually simple, why not try this creamy high protein pasta sauce or these sweet and spicy chickpeas with zoodles for instantly delicious healthy meals. 

Workout when you can

walking exercise

It can be difficult to fit an exercise routine into your day to day schedule, but it’s also really important to stay active. In order to enhance your healthy busy lifestyle, self-discipline may be required. It has been suggested that the best time to workout is in the morning so you can get it out of the way and support your health and fitness goals while on a busy time frame.  

Workouts don't always need to be in the gym for an hour, it’s just important to stay active everyday in one shape or another. On days where the gym just is not in your agenda, workouts could include a half hour walk around the block, circuit exercises at home during your lunch break, or going to a yoga class with a friend that you would originally go to lunch with to schedule in fitness.

If you have a lot of meetings over the phone, another option for a quick and easy workout is taking the meeting outside for a walk and getting active. This way, you will be getting out of your office and in new surroundings. You could even pace around your office while on the meeting too, as any little active change can help keep you fit. 

Lower your stress

Easier said than done but a day filled with meetings and running errands throughout can up your stress levels and affect your lifestyle. That’s why it is important to take time and learn how to destress and relax. For those of us who just don't have the time to go to the spa, it has been shown that the simplicity of laughter can help relieve stress as it decreases the stress-making hormones within the body found in our blood.

Laughter can also improve your immune system, boost mood and burn calories. So turn on your favourite comedy film, youtube series, or flip to the tik tok app (so millennial of me) and start reducing stress! 

Keep Hydrated

health and fitness

Water is essential for your health, it’s the number one substance that makes up around 60% of your body weight and is incorporated with major functions within your body. Water keeps your body going, it keeps your skin hydrated, aids in digestion and detoxifies. It also boosts energy by providing nutrients to all the cells within our bodies, which is super important for anyone who lives a busy life and needs energy to keep up with the activities they take on daily.

If you find it hard to drink 8 glasses of water a day, try drinking a cup or two right when you wake up, before your coffee and breakfast in the morning, to keep you hydrated and start your day a bit more health focused. 

Importance of Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is vital for everyone, but can sometimes be on the back of our minds when life gets in the way. In order to keep it on our list of importance, we need to work it into our schedules bit by bit to stay fit and healthy. The more we exercise and keep up a healthy diet, the better we reduce risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and more.

By adding these little changes to your busy lifestyle, you can stay healthy and fit throughout your daily schedule, because these changes will provide you with amazing benefits in the long run.