How much water do you really need?

If you follow a lot of fitness influencers on Instagram, you’ve probably seen at least a few who seem to be joined at the hip with a humongous, beer-keg-sized water bottle. You might have also heard them touting the importance of downing a gallon of water a day.

But perhaps you’ve tried this before and didn’t really enjoy urinating 20 times before lunch. This one-size-fits-all wisdom seemed to have swept across the fitness world – but is a gallon of water really necessary to stay hydrated?

Firstly, if you feel good drinking a gallon of water each day, more power to you. But for most people, this is a lot of water, and working out your ideal hydration needs can’t be broken down into a simple figure. How much water you need depends on many factors –  such as your height, weight, the amount of physical activity you do, and the climate you live in.


For example, a 5-foot person weighing 60kg living in Alaska won't have the same hydration needs as someone 6’4, 120kg, and living in Dubai. Clearly, the trendy gallon-a-day advice isn't a magic formula that applies to everyone.


What should be your water target, then?


The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends that the average adult target about 2.5 to 3.7 litres for men and roughly 2.0 to 2.7 litres for women daily.

Keep in mind this amount includes all fluids you consume, not just the water you're drinking. These figures are dynamic based on what you do each day. Particularly hot and humid weather this week? Drink more water.

The food you eat naturally contributes too. If you are eating hydrating, high water content foods (i.e fresh fruits and vegetables) you’ll also be contributing to your daily water content.

Remember, this is an average range – each person is unique, and you might need more or less.


So how can I tell if I’m hydrated?


Keep it simple!

A well-hydrated person typically passes about 6.3 to 7.6 cups (1.5 to 1.8 litres) of urine daily. You’ll be happy to know that I’m not going to suggest you start measuring this. There’s an easier way!

If your bathroom breaks are regular and your urine is clear or light yellow, you’re probably drinking enough water. If the colour in your toilet bowl is less light yellow and more of a Chernobyl-esque bright neon orange, go ahead and drink some more water (...and see a doctor if it continues).


Of course, hydration is not just about how much water you drink.  It’s essential to maintain the balance of electrolytes in your body. Supplementing your water with electrolytes is important if you’re training a lot or living in a hot climate. This sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.


That's where SUSTAIN, our advanced EAA & electrolyte supplement, steps in to enhance your hydration strategy.

Here are some of the benefits of using SUSTAIN:


  1. Superior hydration: SUSTAIN goes beyond basic hydration by helping to balance your electrolytes using a coconut water electrolyte blend – to ensure your body functions at its best.
  2. Better workouts: With 7.7g of plant-based EAA per serving, SUSTAIN can boost your strength and endurance during workouts. By getting these all-important amino acids as you train, you’re helping to jump-start the recovery process.
  3. Convenient: SUSTAIN is in a powder form, meaning you just need to add a scoop to your water, and you’re ready to go.


Ready to rise above the gallon-a-day myth and adopt a more balanced approach to hydration with SUSTAIN?

Stay hydrated,



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