Vegan Starter Box

The key supplements you need to support a balanced vegan diet

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Vegan Multinutrient

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  • 11 key vitamins and minerals; including calcium, B12, D3 and zinc
  • Formulated based on 80 pages of scientific research
  • Proven to reduce tiredness, support immunity and muscular function

Liquid B12 Complex

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  • Triple Vitamin B12 complex 500mcg per serving
  • Similar to injections, liquid form for increased absorption as it effectively bypasses the stomach and liver
  • Real orange flavor—no artificial flavour!

Vegan Protein

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  • 21g complete plant protein from pea, hemp and pumpkin
  • natural flavours and smooth texture
  • Third party tested for heavy metals, purity and efficacy

Compostable Scoop Set

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In order to reduce our plastic waste we have removed all disposable scoops from our products.

Each serving can easily be measured using tablespoons, however if you would prefer a compostable scoop set you can order one here.