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Ocean Clean-Up Week
71% of Earth is ocean. Let's work together to protect it.

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All Vivo Life products
Prevented from entering our oceans
As with every order we will continue to plant 1 tree
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Plastic prevented from entering our oceans
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Frequently Asked Questions

For every Vivo Life order made during Ocean Clean Up week, we’ll make a donation on your behalf to Plastic Bank, to prevent 1kg of plastic from polluting our water-ways. Plastic Bank aligns with our values completely. So far, they’ve prevented 30 million kilograms of plastic from entering our oceans. By reducing plastic waste in our oceans, they can protect delicate marine ecosystems, and recycling the plastic we already have reduces carbon emissions. We have removed the subscription option for the purposes of the campaign to allow us to offer you our very best, one-off discounted prices. If you already subscribe to our products you will have received an email from us with more information.
Nope - all products will be automatically discounted when you proceed to checkout. Plastic Bank has over 502 active locations, with 30,375 registered members, and 105 school programs. The sale will start on 30th August, and finish on the 3rd of September.

We believe in our products so much we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on everything we sell. If this product doesn’t meet your expectations, simply send it back to us for a full refund. No questions asked.

Excellent customer service!

I had some questions ordering the first time. Every one of them got answered quickly, professionally and satisfying! When I got my order I found a handwritten personal note from the Vivo team that made me smile.

Jon, London, UK