Pineapple, Pistachio & Mint Protein Smoothie

This is my go-to post-workout smoothie for anyone looking to boost their health and recover from an intense gym session. It’s so delicious you’d never think that it contains over 25 grams of protein and sneaks in 2 portions of fruit and 2 portions of vegetables! Since using PERFORM I haven't been sore after any of my gym sessions. And the addition of extra superfoods such as pineapple, courgette and pistachios in this smoothie help to make it even more nutrient dense!



1 scoop PERFORM Madagascan Vanilla

1 banana (chopped and frozen)

1 cup ripe pineapple chunks

¾ cup coconut water

½ large courgette

1 large handful spinach

15 pistachio nuts 6 fresh mint leaves


1) Add the banana, pineapple, courgette and pistachios to your blender followed by half of the coconut water.

2) Next add the perform protein powder, followed by the spinach and mint leaves.

3) Pour over the rest of the coconut water and blend until smooth.

4) Transfer to a glass and enjoy! Pineapple protein smoothie

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by Homemade Chocolate Fudge Protein Balls- Healthy & Psyched

[…] Disclaimer: I was sent a sample of the protein powder to create a recipe for the Vivo Life website, but it’s become my favourite protein powder. Get the recipe: Pineapple, pistachio and mint protein smoothie. […]

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