Top 5 Questions About Mushroom Coffee Answered

The superfood trend of mushroom coffee is here, and it's definitely one to rave about. It's exactly what it sounds like; half mushroom, half coffee, and filled with health benefits to help you be more productive throughout the day. 

Mushroom coffee actually dates back to the 1940s during World War II, where it was used as a substitute for coffee in Finland when rations were shortened. Our coffee doesn't date back quite that far, though!

It's made using fair-trade coffee beans that are harvested and handpicked from high altitudes, then sun-dried and grounded. The beans are then expertly mixed with lion's mane mushroom extract and tested for mycotoxins, resulting in our delicious Arabica medium-roast organic blend. 

Some of the more popular mushrooms you might find in coffee blends include lion's mane, reishi, chaga, and cordyceps - so, no, you're not drinking chopped up portobello mushrooms in this coffee mix (thankfully, because that's just wrong)! The mushrooms used within our hot drinks are a bit more unique with an undeniably flavourful taste. 

Our Vivo Life Mushroom Coffee is a delicious way to achieve mental and physical sharpness, enhancing productivity, creativity, and focus throughout your daily activities.

I'm certain you have a few questions about mushroom coffee, so it's time we get them answered!


Top 5 questions about mushroom coffee answered


1. Does mushroom coffee taste like mushrooms?

Thankfully, no! It tastes just like arabica medium roast coffee and nothing like mushrooms at all. Magic Coffee is full of rich flavour, but it's still smooth and delightful to enjoy every day as your new favourite coffee. If you are concerned about losing the bold warm aroma of your cup of joe, don't be! Our mushroom coffee is freshly grounded and maintains its delicious aroma through brewing.

The preparation is also still the same as regular ground coffee, you can make it in a french press or a drip filter and add in your preferred vegan milk or however you take your coffee, the choice is up to you!


2. What mushroom is in Vivo Life's Magic coffee?

mushroom coffee lions mane mushroom vivo life

The mushroom we use in our coffee is called lion's mane (Hericium Erinaceus), a big, white-in-colour, long, shaggy-haired mushroom that looks quite similar to an actual lion's mane! It grows in East Asia, North America, and Europe on broadleaf trees such as maple, oak, birch, and beech. 

Lion's mane is an edible mushroom that is typically used in Asian cuisine and often extracted into health supplements as it contains a wide range of health benefits. It can be found in capsule and powder form as well as teas and coffee mixes, and it's known to boost memory performance like no other nootropic on the market.

We only use the 'fruiting body' of the mushroom (the bit you see above ground), as it's got the highest concentration of nutrients and health benefits! 


3. Does mushroom coffee have caffeine?

Yep! Each 14g serving of our Magic Mushroom Coffee contains 110-195mg of caffeine, depending on how long you brew it.

However, you might notice less of a caffeine 'crash' with our coffee. Lion's mane, the mushroom made within our Vivo Life Magic Coffee is blended with adaptogenic properties that help energise your body and mind, and often results in a smoother energy boost - not a sudden spike in energy!

This will improve your productivity, daily performance, and overall focus throughout the day, just like Healthline suggests. It's best to drink lion's mane coffee in the morning or early afternoon to really engage with the nootropics' benefits (and so you can get a good nights sleep)!


4. Are there health benefits to drinking mushroom coffee?

There are various health benefits of mushroom coffee, so let's get right into it! The main reason for drinking our Magic Coffee is not only because it tastes so delicious, but the cognitive advantage it offers compared to standard coffee.

Lion's mane can improve brain health by boosting nerve growth and has been linked to slowing down the rate of dementia and preventing Alzheimer's disease. This is because it contains two essential compounds called hericenones and erinacines, which improve the stimulation of cell growth within the brain. This means that memory loss and mental functioning during the course of consuming lion's mane for an extended period may be reduced, especially when consumed daily. 

Another benefit of drinking our mushroom coffee is that it contains antioxidants and helps inflammation and immunity function. This is important for many reasons as antioxidants help boost your overall health by neutralizing free radicals found within our bodies, which ultimately protect you against cell damage such as heart disease and cancer, as specified by the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine


5. Does it have medicinal properties?

Lion's mane does have medicinal effects, and this type of fungus demonstrates incredible antioxidant properties, improves cognitive health, and decreases inflammation. These beneficial health-promoting properties have been used in traditional medicine within Japanese and Chinese cultures for centuries to support strength and energy, digestion, and prevent cancer, according to the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

Medicinal mushrooms are defined as microscopic fungi that form large fruiting bodies used to heal illness and/or prevent nutritional deficiencies.

All in all, we use lion's mane mushroom within our medium roast coffee blend because it holds such beneficial effects for our overall health (plus, it tastes amazing)!

To find out more about why we created Magic Coffee, check out the video below video!