The number one rule in training and in life

If you ask anyone who trains consistently in the gym for their number one rule of success, they’d likely all come back with the same answer. The key to success is a principle called progressive overload. In training this means lifting a little more weight or doing a couple more reps than you did the session before.

On a week by week basis progressive overload is usually pretty small. Adding a kilo to your squat each session doesn’t sound like much. But do that every week and you’ll be squatting an extra 52KG this time next year.

(For perspective, that’s the weight of a fully grown male chimpanzee.)

Consistently applying the principles of progressive overload to your training is widely considered to be the most important factor that drives results.

And if that’s true in the gym... imagine what an impact progressive overload can have on the rest of your life!

If you read a new book each month, how much more knowledge would you have this time next year? If you mastered one healthy habit every week, how much better would you feel by summer? If you put a little more effort into your relationships each day, how much closer would you be to the important people in your life?

We live in a world where everyone wants to be an overnight success, but the reality is very rarely that simple. Which is why most people give up when they don’t see instant gratification, and then spend their lives complaining that they’re not successful.

Have a look at these three questions for greater health and happiness often asked for living a fuller life.

Mastery of anything takes months, years or even decades. Trying to become an overnight success won’t get you anywhere. Consistently applying the principles of progressive overload over time will.

Sometimes your progress will feel painfully slow. There will be days where you feel like you’re going backwards. But small and consistent improvements over time WILL add up to deliver results. And in a few years from now I promise that you’ll look back amazed at how far you’ve come. Why not make your actions as big as your dreams and apply progessive overload to your life.

In which areas of your life can you apply progressive overload today?


- Josh