7 people go plant based this January - here's the results

Pledgers share their top reasons to join our Plant Based Pledge

Going plant based this January has never been easier with our 2021 Plant Based Pledge! We truly believe that switching to a plant based diet is the most important lifestyle change you can make in order to improve your health and the planet.

For some of us, the hardest part in going plant based is getting started, but by taking the plant based pledge, you will get our help and support every step of the way.

However rather than us telling you how great our plant based pledge campaign is, we have asked our plant based pledgers to tell you themselves and share their reasons to sign-up and go vegan this January.


What our Plant Based Pledgers say

Archsana Nadarasah:

vivo life plant based pledge

"What I love the most about the plant based pledge is the community that is doing it with me. For an ex meat lover going plant based can be a bit of a nightmare and you never really know where to start but with Vivo Life not only do you get excellent advice but also many different easy recipes that even a student can afford to follow."


Muriel Barker:

vivo life plant based pledge

"Plant Based Pledge has helped me expand my knowledge on the plant based diet by showing me delicious recipes to make throughout the month and sharing educational videos on nutrition. I also love the Vivo Life Community where everyone is supporting one another on their plant based journey!"


Helen Kington:
vivo life vegan veganuary
"I find the Hub such a welcoming place to explore and share meal ideas. A safe place where there is such a wealth of knowledge but also a great support for those of us still learning."

Jamie Beaton:

vivo life pbp

"I joined the pledge as I wanted to share my experiences for adopting a plant based lifestyle to help encourage people to find their own path and help them recognise no matter what they’re doing, they’re doing the best they can with what they’ve got. To let them know it’s okay to fail and not be down heartened about it. I like to see it as failing forward, meaning that even though you’ve failed, you’ve made progress for the next step."


Martha Kilian:

Vivo Life Veganuary

"I joined Plant Based Pledge this year to get into a healthier lifestyle and learn new vegan recipes. Their weekly meal plans and shopping lists are super helpful for those learning to adapt to a plant based diet."


Keith Camarda:

Vivo Life Veganuary Plant Based Pledge

"It’s been such a welcoming & friendly place for vegans to share their favorite Vivo Life products or just vegan recipes in general. Vivo Life is a company I fully love & support entirely, their values & just the high quality of the products. I’m grateful they were advertised to me online in the beginning of my transition to a vegan diet/lifestyle!"


LA Ampah:

vivo life plant based pledge

"The reason I became vegan was for health reasons and to save animals. I am 50 years old and as we age so does our bodies and I want to be healthier."


What joining Plant Based Pledge means

By joining our pledge, you will learn everything you need to truly thrive on a plant based diet. You will get access to our members only hub, shopping lists for every week throughout January, recipe ebooks, meal plans as well as checklists to keep you on track.

And remember, the Plant Based Pledge isn’t just a diet, it’s a community where you will join thousands worldwide taking their first steps on a plant based diet to improve their health, protect our planet and the animals. We are all in this journey together, so what are you waiting for? Sign up now!