The last Sunday of every month! 2020

We're so excited for our new collaboration for 2020!

Majority of us are aware & understand the benefits of movement. As humans we are designed to sit, crawl, jump, twist, lift, laugh, smile, sleep and be happy... which is why we have partnered up with the amazing coaches at Move Studios in London! A completely fresh concept, redefining 'fitness'.

You may already use the gym & be interested in trying something new - or you may not use the gym and be interested in finding something new... either way - the new Sunday Sessions are SURE to get you right for the week ahead!

Join us on the last Sunday of the month.

Midday, for 1 hour.

Enjoy post class Vivo products and explore a new concept every month.



Mark it in your diary:

FEBRUARY 23RD - Hand balances, mobility and movement with Roo Hamer

The Detail: The workshop is designed to provide you with the tools to improve/master your handstand and other hand balances. This includes core/the hollow body, overhead mobility, strength and alignment.

The Coach: Roo is a calisthenics wizard with a real passion for helping people master basic positions, become strong in new range and to realise their physical potential. He is also a qualified yoga instructor. 


Tickets can be purchased by clicking HERE, just click on the date you'd like to attend!