10 Tips for a clear, glowing complexion

This article is a guest post by Amy Saunders, natural skincare expert and founder of the beauty blog Get That Glow.

I spent my teen years and early twenties plagued with acne. I hoped as I got older my skin would sort itself out, but my poor lifestyle choices meant it never did. In early 2014 I suffered from an exceptionally bad bout of acne which inspired me to act upon the root causes of my constant breakouts – working on my poor eating habits, negative mindset and stressful energy to achieve the clear skin I’d always dreamed of.

Healthy diet, good sleep, plenty of water and a stress free life are some of the most basic ingredients for glowing skin. But what happens when our skin craves a boost? Everyday life can take its toll on our skin in more ways than we think so today I’m sharing 10 simple secrets on how to give your skin a bit of extra glow-factor.

#1 – Green Tea